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I am a custom tattoo artist; meaning that I design a unique tattoo for every client.​​

I work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays – 12:00noon until 8:00pm

2020 - will be full day sessions - to allow ongoing pieces to be finished faster.

I work by appointment only 


consultations are necessary.  
Please arrive for your consultation prepared.  Bring all of your references whether they are specific objects/photo’s or just style references; remember I have my own personal style and that’s why you are coming to me.  If you bring no references and are unprepared you will be asked to reschedule your consultation.  If you are unprepared, or just do not show up; you may be charged for a consultation in the future.
Please be clear about what you want; this will allow me to create something meaningful for you and save you time and money.

What information should I send in my email?
Approx. size of area you would like to get the tattoo – body part size (approx.)
Photos of any existing tattoos you want me to work around or cover up.  Please send the clearest photo’s possible
The size you want the new tattoo (approx.)
Any and all reference material
Black and Grey or Color

Can I see my picture before my tattoo apt?

You will see your tattoo when you show up for you’re scheduled apt.  I do not email artwork or provide any photos in advance; there are no exceptions.  When you arrive for your apt. I show you what I have drawn based on emails and references you have provided with my style of course.  Small changes, placement, sizing and colors can be decided at that point.
If you do not like the drawing most likely you do not like my style and your deposit can be refunded and you can find an artist that is more suitable to what you are looking for and your style.  Please research your artist in advance so you know what they are capable of and what their personal style.  I can also try to redraw according to your request.  There is $100.00+ drawings fee that is nonrefundable whether you decide to get the tattoo or not.  The fee will be depending on the amount of time it will take to redraw / size and detail.  You do not get to keep any drawings. 
If after a second drawing you are still unhappy it is best if we part ways.


Do you charge for drawings?
I do not charge for the initial drawing no matter what the size is; although please keep in mind most drawings take anywhere from 3 hour to 8 hours+ to draw.  That is why I do not draw anything until an appointment is booked, as I like to make sure the client is serious about the tattoo. I book about a 6 months to 1 year in advance; on average with 1 custom tattoo per day.  I do not have time to draw anything unless you are booked in. 

How do I know if we are thinking the same idea for my tattoo?
I will tell you right now we are not!!!  I cannot see in your imagination what you see and vice versa.  I draw according to references provided by you the customer, my expertise of what will look best as for a muscle structure, placement and so on; in my artistic style.

How much do you charge?
I charge $170.00 per hour + tax.

Cover ups I charge $200.00 per hour, as these are much more work and time consuming - this is also dependant on the tattoo we are covering up.  


my deposit amount is - $200.00 this secures the booking dates, covers the time of the consultation and several hours of research and drawing.  if you choose to cancel your entire tattoo at any point the deposit is non refundable.  if you need to reschedule this will be handled on a per client bases.  After 3 reschedules your deposit is non refundable and it may be best if we part ways.  i do not get paid if i am not working; I do not get sick days or vacation days paid for by a company, please keep this in mind.

Am I charged from the time I arrive?
Once you are in my booth and your waiver is signed you are being charged.  If your appointment starts at noon then that is when we start.  During that time I may not be tattooing but I am still working for you the client.  I am setting up at that point so you can see that everything is sterile and we are sizing stamping and going over the details.

What if I am late?
If you arrive more then 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment you will loose your deposit.  You may also need to reschedule, it is my discretion to tattoo you when you arrive or tell you that you need to reschedule, as your appointment may now be too long and drag into the next clients appointment.  If you have to reschedule you will be required to pay another deposit.  Please be courteous of my other client’s time and my time.  If you are traveling from far away please make the appropriate arrangements to arrive on time and allow for traffic, weather, accidents, etc.
This applies even if you call as this is the artist time and potentially another clients time.

I reserve the right to refuse tattooing services to anyone at any time.

Can I bring my children?   Should I bring my children?
I have young nieces and nephews that I love to death but there is a time and place for children.  No children under the age of 15 are permitted in my private studio.  Tattooing requires full concentration and I feel is not an environment for young kids.

Do you tattoo hands, necks or heads?
I do not tattoo hands, necks or heads – this would be a special occurrence and is under my discretion.

What should I do before my appointment?
1.Make sure you have eaten something within the previous 2-3 hours before your appointment to avoid getting dizzy or fainting.
2.Also, drink plenty of fluids before hand. 
3.Where comfortable clothing that can be easily adjusted or removed if necessary.
4.Also wear clothes that you don’t mind if they get ink stains on. 
5.Do not consume any medications that will cause your blood to thin or consume alcohol before your appointment.
You can still get tattooed if on blood thinners, but please consult your physician before doing so.


Feet Tattoos:
Healing a foot tattoo is extremely hard as this is a location that has daily friction, which can cause ink migration and a faded tattoo.

First, you will need to determine a design and the exact location. The flattest portion on the top of the foot as opposed to the sides of the foot is best for tattooing. Side foot tattoos will be even harder to heal due to location so try to stick with the top of your foot.

A foot tattoo cannot come into daily contact with socks or shoes; which basically means, you'll have to be barefoot for a long period of time.  It is best to heal your foot with it being uncovered but this is almost not an option for anyone and with the wound open you increase the risk of germs and infection.  The foot requires a commitment to healing that you will need to make.  The skin regenerates faster on your feet causing potential issues with ink rejection during the healing process as well as premature spreading of the lines.

Most foot tattoos if not all, likely require a second pass (not a touch up).  A second pass is used to recreate any missing ink that was lost due to neglect, rapid skin regeneration, etc.  A second pass is a minimum charge for small tattoos.

My recommendation for healing feet tattoos or really any tattoo is to use; Tatu-derm or Tegaderm.  Tegaderm can be found behind the counter at most drugstores or they can order it in for you, upon request.

Healing with Tatu-derm or Tegaderm will decrease the chances that you will need a second pass but cannot be guaranteed.

Second Pass – NOT A TOUCH UP:​

Many people continue to use the term touch up.  There is NO SUCH THING as a touch up with a highly experienced artist.  A second pass is the same charge as a regular tattoo and has the same minimum charge.  That is why you are asked to look at the tattoo when the artist is finished, if it is missing lines somewhere or there is an issue of some sort you will see it at that point and that is your opportunity to speak up.  There are many reasons that tattoos loose ink or fade.  I can write a long list, but here are a few reasons; not cleaning properly or regularly, excessive water / water logging, swimming, going in a hot tub, going to the beach and getting sand in it, to much cream, perfumed cream, self tanner, going tanning, animal dander (if you have pets you think of them as family, but they have one of the highest level of germs for fresh tattoos, which means so does your couch if you let them on there) or dirty sheets, touching it with dirty hands……picking of scabs and some medications!​

Usually by seeing the tattoo I can name which one or ones have happened, although people do not always admit to it, or perhaps remember. 

There is also just the element of your body and some peoples skin regenerates faster which can also cause ink rejection during the healing process as well as premature spreading of the lines, this is common in places with thin skin; hands, feet commonly have this scenario.

Tattoos frequently fade over time based on how much sun your tattoo sees.  I recommend if you are outdoors to always put sun tan lotion on your tattoo.

Many artists tell their clients when working on large pieces or a sleeve once they are complete to come in for one more last appointment to do a second pass.  By that point your tattoo would have had several weeks to completely heal as it can take up to almost 4-6 months for a layer of skin to completely produce a new layer / regenerate.  A second pass provides the opportunity to make any areas that need to be darker, darkened and the same for lightening areas.  You will find that a second pass really provides crispness to the tattoo.  This is only recommended for large pieces, sleeves, etc.  When you first get the tattoo only so much pigment can be put into the skin at one time, without over saturation, so doing a full second pass allows for that extra pigment to get into the skin.


I will not tattoo anyone who comes in with a sunburn or is peeling from a sunburn, this is for your own health.  If you come in the day of your tattoo with a sunburn you will loose your deposit.  If you have an apt. booked take extra care of your skin when going outside, as you can burn in less then 30 minutes on a high UV index day.


medication and healthcare:

if you are having surgery or just had surgery please consult your doctor before considering a tattoo.  a tattoo highly affects your immune system and you do not want to get sicker or an infection.  i have the right to reschedule or ask for a doctors note for any health condition.  please advise of any sickness or medication concerns.  i value the health of my customers.  if you have a common cold or flu i may ask you to reschedule as i do not want to get sick and pass this to more customers.  i do not tattoo when i am sick.

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